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My first book, “Purple Socks and Peppermint Tea,” is a Christmas romance inspired by the Hallmark movies Bruce and I binge-watch every year at Mom’s. (I think Bruce likes Hallmark movies as much as Mom and I do!) Click here to buy an ebook or paperback copy on Amazon.

The first chapter of “Purple Socks” is your FREE GIFT for signing up for my book-related newsletter, but I’m writing the prequel and will change out the free gift soon. To sign up for weekly notifications (which will include news of my books AND recommendations on books I’m reading, plus occasional giveaways), please click here or fill out the little form that may have popped up. 💜  In fall 2020, I’m working on Clem and Ginnie’s story, which starts when they’re teenagers; you’ll meet them when you read “Purple Socks and Peppermint Tea.”

The Lord has been teaching me SO much in this process of publishing and promoting my first book — including humility and gratitude.

Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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Copied directly from my other website,

The day of 11-year-old Emily Harmon’s heart transplant in January 2017, a profound truth hit her mother:

“As I shook the surgeon’s hand, it hit me that his hands had held both of Emily’s hearts today,” Tanya said.

As Christians who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, our family sees double meaning in that statement.

We know that Emily, who died Oct. 21, 2018, now rests in the arms of her Savior.

The surgeon wasn’t the only one tenderly gripping Em’s two hearts that day. We believe that Jesus held them both, too, as He guided the surgeon and the rest of the transplant team in their delicate operation.

Emily Elizabeth Harmon may have lived only 13 years on this earth, but she lives forever in our hearts.

And she’ll live an eternity with the One who lovingly created her heart and whom she sang about when she held that microphone in her hands as a young girl in front of a church full of worshipers.

She sang:

“Without You, I fall apart. You’re the One that guides my heart.”

As a family of faith, we know we’ll see Emily again, because she gave Him her heart when she was a young girl.

Do you have hope? Do you know where you’ll spend eternity?

If you would like to talk about life, death and eternity with me — if you want to be certain about your eternal destination — please reach out to me by contacting me here.

It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make. But keep reading …


Emily’s mom, Tanya, and I are first cousins. She gave me permission to dedicate a journal to Em, and I’ve published it on Amazon. I created the cover using Emily’s favorite color, pink. You can buy a journal by clicking here or searching Amazon. My pen name for the journal is Emily S. Hart.

The journals make lovely gifts; if you give one as a gift, please remember to tell Emily’s story and be sure to hug your loved one and say “I love you!”

I’m donating 10 percent of the gross sales to Children’s Heart Project. Click here to learn more about CHP or to make a direct donation if you don’t want to buy a journal. (But they make great gifts!)

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